Winter coats for him: so you choose the perfect copy of Canada Goose

We are just lucky with the weather, the cold temperatures there are irrevocable. Cover model Viktor duffelde is nice and warm but stylish Verhulst in for the NINA-shoot this week. canada goose gilet sale, canada goose jacket clearance. Fixed stylist Kelly Geert likes to share to you this winter which models best looking.

Opposites attract

“Ribbons, epaulets, military style is soon seen everywhere,” reveals Jody. Ideal for the tough guy who admittedly like hot, but not to macho factor wants to lose. canada goose sale online, canada goose jacket clearance. But we also see the complete opposite: “fake fur also men’s fashion seeps in, canada goose retailer london” reveals Jody. ” That trend is especially blown over from the gangster and R&B culture and was already on the catwalk at Dries Van Noten. Soon so probably also shopping at the great fashion shops at a more affordable price “.

Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber 7950M – Navy Parka for UK Mens

Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber 7950M – Navy Parka for UK Mens

Jeans & bloggers


Since the jeans jacket a while ago again became popular, it is not impossible to beat out the street scene. “In the winter you can go for a cosy and warm variant with the sheep collar, canada goose outlet store toronto” recommends Jody. If you prefer more length, for the ‘ canada goose sale uk ‘ go: oversized, and the perfect option for that cold wind and rain.

The classics

Two fixed values that never go out of fashion will go: the leather jacket and the parka. “In terms of leather jackets we see two models, the tough version with an angled zipper, or the classic straight zipper but with stitching on the shoulders for some more body”, know Jody. “The parka is also a Stayer, all you can for go by variations for cute prints to choose.”



What do you wear when?

In a jeans jacket to the Office or a parka to a fancy party, that may not be the best choice. “An overmantel can actually always, especially what should be more genteel at work,” said Jody. “For a fashionable party or a cozy date night he recommends the classic but is always good looking leather jacket. canada goose sale uk, And what if it steal pipes regent but you still want to go out the door stylish? “Then choose but for an umbrella,” laughs the stylist.

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